TMJ & Bruxism

Tooth grinding and clenching may happen during the day however are most common and damaging at night during your sleep.They are known as ” bruxism” when it happens during sleep.

We can and do exert much more pressure on our teeth during this time than when we are awake.This can lead to many problems in and around the head and neck.

You may notice:

Tooth sensitivity


Clicking sounds in the jaw joints

Worn teeth surfaces

Tenderness in and around the jaw joints commonly when you wake up in the morning

Chipped teeth

Pain from the ear,eye,neck,face and/ or shoulder


At Oakstone Dental we listen, evaluate and then advise.

Quite often people are unaware they are suffering due to bruxism. It is a natural habit.

which if done too often or with too much pressure should be addressed by the dentist.

Many people will gain substantial relief by being provided with a night guard known as an occlusal splint. This is made specifically to fit snug on your teeth by the dentist at Oakstone Dental.The night guard sits between your upper and lower teeth and does not allow them to contact each other .So no more worn or chipped teeth.It also stops your head and neck muscles from overworking and getting tense and tender and is comfortable to wear.

We may recommend that you see a physiotherapist as part of the treatment or maintaining stage of treatment.