Childrens Dentistry

It’s never been more important to get your children to see us regularly.

As your local children’s dentist, we will teach your children good oral habits that they will maintain and look after your kids’ teeth from baby to teenager and beyond.

We pay particular attention to children. If a child has had a bad dental experience, it can put them off going to the dentist later in life. Our team loves kids and we will take the time to make sure your child relaxes and has fun when they visit us.

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When to See a Dentist

Prevention of dental issues and regular dental examinations is encouraged.

The first children’s dentist visit should be around two years of age.

It is a momentous occasion. Feel free to take a photo of your children on the dentist chair.

You Can Help Us

If you are relaxed, that will go a long way for your children not being anxious.

No need to tell them to be brave or not.

Don’t say it won’t hurt or it will (unless they ask you).

If you have noticed they are still thumb sucking, tell us!


At Oakstone Dental, we love apps like everyone else does.

We find our modern day children can benefit from a tooth brushing app which gets them to brush their teeth two times a day for two minutes.

Chompers by Gimlet Media is that app