Tooth coloured fillings are available in most instances, however amalgam fillings may still be the material that provides the desired result occasionally.

How are they done?

Any decay and old filling material is removed and then the tooth coloured ‘putty’ is packed in place. A strong light sets the material hard and the filling is then shaped to resemble a normal tooth.

Any tooth that has had a filling, decay or fracture occur is at risk of nerve death. The symptoms of this are ongoing tenderness or pain, or the development of an abcess. If this occurs a root canal filling will need to be performed.

Over time, the margin between the filling and the tooth structure can leak and decay can develop underneath the filling. Depending on the severity of this situation the tooth can either be re-filled or have another type of restoration placed.

Most fillings have a general life expectancy of 5-7 years. The life of any dental restoration is lengthened with diligent home care maintenance.

Each situation is different though and further costs can be incurred, therefore for an accurate quotation, a consultation with the dentist is recommended.