Teeth whitening is the application of a whitening gel to the external surface of your teeth in order to achieve a lighter color. The results vary depending on the original colour of the teeth, your diet and if you have any existing fillings in your front teeth.

Impressions are taken of both your upper teeth and your lower teeth. We then construct your whitening trays shaped to your mouth.

You then apply the whitening gel to the trays and wear the trays usually at night while you sleep. It can be that if you are unable to wear the trays at night that we put you on a day program. In this instance we have to allow more days to attain the best result.

The whitening gel only whitens natural tooth structure. Therefore if you have any fillings, veneers, bridges or crowns in place, these will not lighten in colour. This means they will become obviously different in colour to your natural teeth. You can still proceed with the tooth whitening and then  replace fillings to match the new colour of your teeth. Some people experience tooth sensitivity during the process of whitening. This is short term and will resolve when you are no longer applying the whitening gel.